2014 Journal: PDF Lesson 1 and 2

Elements 1+2

My students will begin their 2014 Journals by dedicating one page to each Element of Art. Why do they need to know these elements, you might ask? It will help them develop their vocabulary and thought process so instead of saying, “That painting is pretty” students might say (and think) “That painting is pretty because the trees have so much form and the colors look so bright together”. That kind of thoughtful analysis is needed in all areas of study, so why not support that with their art class too?

Students will read the instructions and follow the sample shown on my sheets above (you can download them HERE). By reading and then writing the description for each element, they can absorb the info on a deeper level, as opposed to just listening to me talk.

Coming next, Elements 3+4, then 5+6. I’m excited to begin this project as I think the “journaling” will keep the process fun, and I will know I’m making student’s art time as substantial as possible. After these pages are done, we will have art lessons that apply to each element, and file them accordingly in their journals.

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