All American Father’s Day

All American DadI traced this template from Keep Designing to make this art, but any hand drawn image would make a nice gift, too.
1. Using sharp, adult scissors, I cut the tops of 11 popsicle sticks into points and straightened the  bottoms to create miniature fence pickets.
2. I glued two sticks, horizontally, to the back of the pickets using white glue.
3. I taped Dry Wax Paper over the template I downloaded  HERE. Using a very fine permanent marker and soft (higher quality, Prismancolor®) pencil crayons, I traced and colored in my design. You can buy Dry Wax Paper (also referred to as deli wrap) at food supply stores. If you need just a few sheets, your local pizza or sandwich shop would probably help out. 

4. With a 50/50 mix of water and white glue, I spread the mixture on the back of the drawing as well as on my picket fence. I placed the art on the fence and brushed my glue solution over the top to minimize bubbles and wrinkles.
5. A magnet could be glued to the back to make this cute refrigerator art. Happy Father’s Day!

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