Arcimboldo Collage

fruit+Lady208-945x1024Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian artist from the 1500s who spent years working as an official court painter. He developed a style of composing portraits from fruits, vegetables, etc., which was uniquely his own. “How Are You Peeling?” is a book that reminds us that our food can look a lot like faces, when using our imagination.
PREP: Print lots of Fruit pages in color for students to work with.
1. Students start by choosing a large shape to make the head, then the body, legs, arms. Details are added last.
3. After all the body parts are collected and laid out, they are attached with a glue stick.

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  1. awerboff

    Also, for kinders, would they be able to cut these out themselves?

  2. awerboff

    This is great!
    What size and type of paper did you use? Seems like tag board might be good.

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