Boat Collage and Writing

boat+in+bookI like to encourage kids to make layered pages in their art journals. I ask them not write entries NEXT to their pictures, but to place them OVER their pictures to make the entry part of the art.
1. I had some old maps on hand and gave each student a section. I had them cut out a few simple shapes that reminded them of traveling and mounted them using glue sticks.
2. Next, they used watercolor and/or colored pencils to fill in the background. The entire page should be filled in.
3. Then, they added their story, poem or journal entry using a permanent marker or pen to prevent bleeding.
CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade Three
2.1 Explore ideas for art in a personal sketchbook.

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  2. Kathy

    This is a great idea, I must used this with some of my students

  3. Kathy Barbro

    Thanks so much everyone! And to Melissa and anyone else who’d like to see more journal ideas, scroll down my LABELS list and click “journaling” to see 18 more journal pages.

  4. 3busybs

    Great idea! You inspire me so much. I just began to homeschool my 4th grader and we are going to do this project today!


  5. Jennifer

    I really like the way this project incorporates various creative activities…the visual, in creating the journal, and the lingual, in writing an entry, poem, etc. I would love to see some photo examples of kids’ art journals, from you or readers who try this out.

  6. Melissa S.

    Great idea! Would love to see more art journaling ideas. About to embark on a unit for this and need LOTS of suggestions!

  7. morethanamom2four

    I love this idea!

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