Printing with Bubble Printing

printing with bubble wrapI tried printing with bubble wrap, and loved how it worked in my art journal class. There were so many colorful variations of my sample shown here. The process can be a little messy, but by limiting things to one one color and (hopefully) one clean print, you can do this with a large group of students and not have any regrets.


• Art journal or 6″ x 9″ drawing paper
• Bubble wrap
• Acrylic paint
• Paper plate
• Paint brush
• Pencil crayons
• Paper towels


PREP: I cut panels of bubble wrap that were smaller than the journal pages so that the paint wouldn’t go all the way to the edges.
1. The students were given a brush, acrylic paint and paper plate. After spreading the paint out on the plate, the bubble wrap was pressed into the paint (bubble side down) and then printed in the center of a blank journal page.
2. After a successful print was made, the students pressed a paper towel on top of the page to absorb any extra paint.
3. When the paint felt dry, the students used colored pencils to color in the bubbles. I love how they look like marbles all lined up in a row.








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  1. Elyse

    This is really pretty. I can’t wait for something to arrive in bubble wrap!

  2. ManhattanMom

    I LOVE this! Such a great idea – I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  3. Lori K

    Love it! Tried it with the second graders today and blogged about it on my art site.

    The kids begged my to do it again next week. We are layering 2-3 colors and using them (probably) for E-eggs.

    Thanks, Kathy

  4. Natra

    Wanted to know how you got the varous colors off the 1 print. Thanks for putting these great ideas out there.

  5. Pixiewinkle

    Hi Kathy- Just found your fabulous blog. I LOVE to print with bubble wrap. It’s also fun to collage a page first with different textures (magazines, tissue paper, etc) and THEN print with the bubble wrap to see how each texture takes the paint. It’s good with the older kids and has some neat results.

  6. Emily

    Thanks so much for the great art ideas! I have a small art school in Victoria BC Canada and often browse your site for inspiration! I use bubble wrap prints with my 2-5 year old students to make scales on fish or dragons! If you have time check out my website for my school,
    Thanks again, Emily

  7. BUSIR

    It looks really great!.I often forget to put a comment but i look at your blog nearly each day.Y.S

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