Art Journaling Seasons

journal seasons copyMy afterschool art journaling class continues, and I’m determined to build on my most successful ideas from last year. One was to have the students fill the pages by asking them to draw from edge to edge, and the other was to always involve at least two “layers” of color.
1. Starting with a pencil and a 7″ x 10″ journal, the students draw two vertical lines as shown.
2. A horizontal line is drawn across the top, one partial, one full length, and another partial line as shown.
3. The students are to write “Hello” and “2011” in the two boxes near the top. The rest of the boxes are for drawing and writing all the things they are looking forward to this new year. My example has some simple seasons for those who may need inspiration, but more personal ideas would be even better. After all the boxes are filled, watercolor paint is used to paint in the shapes and backgrounds.
The next classs will start out with the students using crayons to trace the lines and add extra detail to their page. It adds a bit of punch to the overall look.

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  1. Kathy Barbro

    I’ve found these at Mister Art for about $8 each. Not super cheap, but I like them.

  2. Anonymous

    This idea looks great! Where do you find journals with a blank front?

  3. Tess

    Thank you for the wonderful idea as hjer it is the 6th of January and I have not started my new journal yet, not good. Your ideas, yes good!! Happy New Year!!

  4. Mary G

    This is wonderful and perfect for our first “art day” after Christmas break … my kids are going to enjoy this kick-off for the year….

    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas that I can re-create in my homeschool!

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