Blooming Tissue Paper Flowers

Blooming Tissue Paper Flowers diagram Mix a math with a spring art lesson. Students create blooming tissue paper flowers by folding circles into halves, quarters and eighths.
• Card stock paper, blue
• Card stock paper, green
• Tissue paper, assorted colors
• Glue stick
• Scissors

1. Students cut three stems from green paper and glue them to a blue background.

2. Students are shown how to cut circles from folded pieces of tissue paper. They are to

make flowers in three stages of growth: eighth and quarter circle buds and full blooms.

The full flowers are made from at least three layered concentric circles, the quarter from

folding one circle in half 2 times, and the eighth from folding a circle in half 4 times.

Students make at least one of each type of flower and glue just the centers to the paper.

3. Small cup-like shapes are cut from the green paper and glued to cover the bottom of

each bud. Small leaves are also cut out and glued to balance out the art.

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    Great work you guys! Next stop: no more disposable diapers.

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