Bumblebee Painting

Bumble BeeI tried out this bee painting today, inspired from a stock art image I have pinned here. Using a black marker for the stripes helps to make a very striking image.

1. Draw bees in pencil, filling the paper with profile and overhead views. Note: It is best to draw only five lines on the body so you will end up with three fat stripes. A variety of bee sizes will add interest to the picture.
2. Trace the drawing with a black Sharpie marker. Fill in the stripes and head with a chisel tip Sharpie marker.
3. Use a white crayon to draw lots of broken lines in the wings.
4. Paint the background one color, going over the wings of the bees.
5. Paint the yellow bodies. Note: Painting the shapes in this order allows the background paint the most amount of time to dry. The goal is to keep the colors from bleeding on the fat little bee bodies.

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