Burlap Weaving Bookmarks

Weaving lessons can come in many forms, the simplest being with just plain paper. My preference though is using actual fabric, and burlap has the most open and visible weave for beginners to work with.
1. Give each student a rectangle of burlap, about 3″ wide by 9″ tall. They are to pull about 5 threads from all four sides, one a a time, to make a decorative fringe.
2. To make some room to add new yarn, about 3 consecutive horizontal threads are pulled out.
3. The students thread a tapestry needle with some colorful new yarn, and run it through the new open row in the burlap, weaving up and down as often as they could, the ideal being over or under every thread. The yarn is pulled through and the ends trimmed when finished.
4. This process was repeated as often as possible until the end of class. I had a 2nd grader that did 13 rows!
UPDATE: I wanted to add that this has been one of my most successful projects to date. About 300 second through fifth graders completed their weavings last week, and not one of them went away feeling frustrated or deciding that weaving or sewing (as some called it) was not for them. Teachers loved it too, asking for more when school gets back in session. After the investment of the tapestry needles (metal are best), the cost is about $7 for a class of 24.

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  1. Kathy Barbro

    I didn’t have any problems with the yarn coming out. Granted, these are meant to be just bookmarks and handled gently, but I felt that keeping things simple with no knots or glue really helped.

  2. LauraRose

    Do they really stay together with the fringe like that? Would stabilizing the edges with something like a dot of glue a each corner be a good idea?

  3. Lynn

    Ah I see us doing this on Thanksgiving when my grand kids expect me to have an art project for them to do. Perfect no mess art for that busy day.

  4. Wonder Mom

    This is an EXCELLENT idea for weaving- i will be sure to incorporate it sometime into our homeschooling lessons!

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