Butterfly in a Box

I was inspired by a painted butterfly, and simplified the look for kids with Sharpie markers and an origami box.
BOX: Start with an 11″ square of white cover stock paper to make a box. Click on diagram below.

1. Fold a 6″ x 4.5″ piece of white paper in half, lengthwise. Use any kind of coated paper as the permanent markers glide on so easily. Draw a butterfly profile and cut it out.
2. Open the butterfly and added the details in pencil, trying to maintain symmetry. Trace the details in black and filled them in with permanent markers.
3. To mount the butterfly, cut a strip of foam core small enough to fit behind the body and I taped it to the box. I then secured the butterfly with two small push pins – just like real entomologists do!

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  1. Kathy

    this is lovely, the April Fools glasses are great too!

  2. Jason Schmidt

    What a neat idea! My kids will love it.

  3. Great art idea. My sons will love this. We are just getting into learning about butterflies.
    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects:)

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