Callista’s Snowy House

Callista HouseThis simple snowy house painting worked well with kinders through 4th graders today. Adding extra trim lines around the door and window allowed for an extra colorful house.

1. I led the students in a follow along drawing, starting with the top of the roof and then the “droopy” snow line below. The sides of the house were added, followed by details inside it, and then landscaping outside.

2. The drawing was traced with a black Sharpie marker.
3. The old “white crayon trick” was used to draw simple snowflakes in the sky.
4. The art was painted in with watercolor paint. My students used Dick Blick Student Watercolor Paint that always looks fresh and colorful.
Thanks to Callista for letting me share her artwork from today. Can you believe she is a kindergartner?

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