Cardboard Cutaway House Update

Wallpaper Day for our Cardboard Cutaway Houses.

Lucky for me, I knew that you can buy all kinds of pretty patterned paper at the craft stores, and best of all, they come in 12″ squares. I left some full size for the backs, and then cut lots of 4″ panels so kids could just concentrate on gluing.

• Cardboard squares, 12″ (from local Box City)
• Paper cutter
• Masking tape
• Designer pads of paper
• Glue sticks

Class One: Students tape the square and sides together, then the triangle top, which is taped on one side of the square.
Class Two: Students used a glue stick to panel the back sides of the box with the patterned paper. They also made and wallpapered a floor and wall panels too.




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  1. Jen Eagle

    Thanks! The picture made it look so much bigger! I built one today using a sturdy box used for moving electronics. Mine ends up being 35x18x13! It will give us lots of room to create over the course of the week. I will try to include some pictures to show you.

  2. Kathleen Barbro

    Thanks Jen! I started with 12″ squares from a moving company, so all the side pieces are made by cutting them down and taping them to the main 12″ square. Does that answer your question?

  3. Jen Eagle

    Hi! I am making these with my students this summer, but I can’t seem to find the instructions for what you used as the base. I know that I should be able to figure it out, but I am scared! I think I remember you saying that you started with a big moving box. Is that correct? I see the great measurements for the other pieces, but am not sure what goes on the back. Thanks! I really do love this idea. Thanks for the pizza box holder idea for the tables. Love it.

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