Cast Tissue Tiles

Cast Tissue Paper projectI tried this wonderful Cast Tissue Paper project today. I found it over at, and it worked really well for my range of kinder – 3rd graders. I just replaced the glue with liquid starch to keep things a little less sticky.

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• Masking tape and marker
Cedar Canyon Rubbing Plates
Bleeding Tissue Paper, Madras pattern
• Liquid Starch
• Container
• Brush
• Paper cutter or Scissors

PREP: Cut tissue paper into approx. 1.5″ squares.
1. Students place a piece of masking tape on the back of their plastic tile and write their name with a marker.
2. The liquid starch is brushed over the tile to make it really wet.
3. Squares of tissue paper are placed on top of the starch and pressed into the wet tile.
4. Students use the brush to dab more starch on top so that it is completely wet. Let dry overnight.
5. The tissue is carefully pulled from the tile.
6. The masking tape name is removed from the back of the tile and placed on the tissue. Trim edges if desired.

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    Hi, I just updated my post with a lot more info here. Hope it helps! -Kathy

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    What are plastic rubbing tiles?

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