Gift Box Truck
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Here’s an idea for a transportation craft project. It costs about $1.50 for both gift boxes and makes a pretty cool looking truck with no prep work at all. MATERIALS White gift … Read More

Pipe Cleaner People Video

Awhile back I spent a bit of time trying to find a way to make something fun with pipe cleaners, something that I knew young students could do without a lot of … Read More

Truffula Tree Pencil

This Lorax Truffula Tree pencil can have a home in this mini planter, when you’re not busy writing with it. MATERIALS Black Staedtler pencils (I found mine at Staples) Feather Boa (Jo-Ann … Read More

Paper Plate Flower

I was totally inspired by this Paper Plate Flowers project at Pink Stripey Socks and have it planned for my art camp kids tomorrow. The only catch is that I didn’t account … Read More

Juggling Balls

My mini art camp is just two weeks away, and I’m looking forward to trying some more outdoorsy things like these balls made from balloons and sand. 1. I used 9″ balloons … Read More