Cardboard Cutaway House: Making Beds

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I can’t believe how my students are eating this Cardboard Cutaway House project up! To date I have over 40 kids making these after school, and today they worked on making beds from popsicle sticks, chip board and stationary paper. Now granted, I prepped the bed pieces by cutting them out ahead of time (hey, I … Read More

Cheap Art Supplies at NAEIR

I recently found an amazing site that has some really cheap art supplies, among many other things. NAEIR offers official organizations access to thousands of brand new, high-quality products for a fraction of retail cost. NAEIR is a non-profit that takes in donations from corporations, and passes the savings on to groups that are dedicated to … Read More

Cardboard Buildings

This craft project proved to be a good combination of art supplies: • LOTS of 5″ corrugated cardboard squares • Rolls of masking tape • Black Sharpies, fine tip • White Sharpie paint markers, water-based, fine tip Students made lots of cubes by taping together 5 squares on the inside, then decorating the outside. Some made … Read More

Giant Cardboard Glasses

Look at all these adorable glasses made from some old Cheez it boxes. It took a bit of prep work, but I love the creativity that came out with them. • View and download Giant Glasses PDF template PREP: I cut cardboard rectangles, about 8″ x 3.25″, and traced the frame on each. The inside holes … Read More

Recycled Cardboard Masks

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Did you ever realize that sometimes you just make projects more difficult than they need to be? I’ve always liked the idea of working with masks, but couldn’t get excited over the super-simple paper plate variety. On the other hand, I didn’t have time to do spend several classes on fancy mache versions either. Enter a … Read More

Recycled Turkey on a Stick

This ingenious idea for making turkeys from old food boxes comes from My Plum Pudding. It’s a great use of those colorful coated boxes that I love to collect. This turkey is made entirely from cut up boxes that are attached to a 1/4″ wooden dowel from Michael’s. This bird may look fairly simple, but I … Read More

Cardboard Treehouse

I’ve been experimenting with more dimensional afterschool classes this school year, and am happy to report that my kids seem to love it. On Friday they made these treehouses, and got so involved in decorating them they worked right through the last minute of class. NOTE: There was a bit of prep work for this, but … Read More

Halloween Cardboard Signs

A Pinterest posting inspired this idea for my afterschool Cardboard Crafts class today. There is something about torn tape that just makes the coolest looking letters. The more uneven and lopsided they are, the better. 1. I chopped up old corrugated cardboard boxes with a paper cutter, and offered kids either square or rectangular shapes. They … Read More