Miniature Snowman

Here’s a Miniature Snowman project that I did after school with a matchbox class awhile back. There’s just something irresistible … Read More

Fall Leaf Matchbox Art

Little miniature paper leaves inspired this week’s Matchbox Art project. The best part was finding that they could be colored … Read More

Matchbox Seashell Art

I’m tried some new Matchbox Seashell Art projects, and have found a lot of inspiration at my local Michaels store. … Read More

Holiday Matchbox Art

My Holiday Matchbox Art kids did a great job today, as they experimented with adding mini pom poms to their … Read More

Turkey Matchbox Art
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Here’s a turkey matchbox art idea – made from pom poms and felt, and a box colored to look like … Read More

Gingerbread Matchbox House

Here’s an adorable Gingerbread Matchbox made yesterday by Nya, a fifth-grader. I showed students how to draw a simple droopy … Read More

Matchbox Art Template

Finally, my promised Matchbook Art Template and instructions. I tried this on several different papers and ended up liking a … Read More

Snowman Matchbox

Here’s one of my recent favorites, a Snowman Matchbox project that I think I enjoyed watching as much as the … Read More

Lola’s Matchbox Bird House

Sometimes the art my students make just makes my jaw drop. This comes from yesterday’s Match Box Art class, where … Read More

Matchbox House

I started a Matchbox Art class today, after getting inspired by adorable little boxes I found on Pinterest. I ended … Read More