Mini Canvas Art

I brought back one of my favorites, mini canvas art, for an after school class today. Mini canvases, brush Sharpies and homemade craft stick easels. My lesson was about making art with letters, so they just drew their first initial in block form and decorated it with lots of patterns. A nice, simple way to make … Read More

Giant Popsicle Stick Snowflake

‘Tis the season for holiday decorations, so this Giant Popsicle Stick Snowflake is my solution for some inexpensive flakes that have a lot more impact than paper ones, and will last for seasons to come. MATERIALS • Jumbo Craft sticks, 6 per snowflake • Craft sticks, 12 per snowflake • Mini craft sticks, 6 per snowflake … Read More

Quilling Snowflakes with Bread Ties

Quilling is an art form that involves rolling, and gluing strips of paper together to create decorative designs. If you use bread ties instead, the curl stays and thus easier to glue too. MATERIALS • Craft sticks, regular size • Craft glue • Bread ties, white • Pencil • Magnetic strips (optional) DIRECTIONS 1. Students make … Read More

Craft Stick Crate Tutorial

As promised from a few days ago, my Craft Stick Crate tutorial. I can imagine these as a fun gift for parents, or maybe even a way to start a house. All kinds of possibilities. My sticks came from Pacon, which sells a variety of Creativity Craft Sticks at United Art & Education. • View and … Read More

Craft Stick Crate

I’m still playing with a stash of craft sticks from Pacon, and tried to make a copy of this little craft stick crate that I found at Michael’s. I plan to make a tutorial soon, but crafty folks out there may be able to see the basic construction from the photo. MATERIALS • Jumbo craft sticks, … Read More

Weaving Loom Board

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I keep looking for new ways to introduce students to weaving, and this one is working our pretty well for my students this week. Paper strips are woven in between rubber bands, which keep them from sliding out. PREP: Glue a frame for each student with craft glue. Let dry for at least a couple of … Read More

Popsicle Flag

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The red sticks for these flags are made with just a little liquid watercolor. And if you color them ahead of time, the rest is an easy assembly project for kids of all ages. See my “Folk Art Flag” for a full photo tutorial.

Little Wooden Crystals

I’m having so much fun with these little stick sculptures, and so are my students. They happen to be studying minerals right now, so this is a great tie in as it is one of the elemental crystal shapes they are learning about. I recommended starting with Wood Craft Picks that are found at Michaels and … Read More

Cube Stick Drawing

Turning a square into a cube is fundamental in learning how to draw with dimension. But for some reason, I often see students first draw the angled lines different lengths, which makes things lopsided. I’m thinking that if I require them to cut these sticks all the same size before they glue, they can’t help but … Read More

Glittery Popsicle Stick Snowflake

After many experiments, here’s how my students are finishing their popsicle snowflakes this week. Turns out that tempera paint was too see through, white acrylic paint showed missing glitter, but metallic silver paint (from Michaels) worked just right. It enhanced the silvery look, and when covered with silver glitter while still wet, made some pretty sparkly … Read More

Cardboard Treehouse

I’ve been experimenting with more dimensional afterschool classes this school year, and am happy to report that my kids seem to love it. On Friday they made these treehouses, and got so involved in decorating them they worked right through the last minute of class. NOTE: There was a bit of prep work for this, but … Read More

Popsicle Picnic Table

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My love affair with popsicle sticks continues. This time I’ve found a way to use the mini sticks to make a picnic table. The best news? No cutting! Just stock up on these mini sticks and little Aleene’s glue bottles and your students will be able to create away.

Popsicle Painted House

This project worked great for me today. Young kinders usually have trouble drawing large shapes, so gluing sticks down first gave them “lines” to follow. I also loved that I could one stop shop my favorite supplies at Michaels. BUDGET (For 25 kinders): Black paper $2.50. Alene’s Glue: $1.50. Washable paint: $5.50, Sticks: $5. Total: $14.50 … Read More

Folk Art Flag

Given that folk art is created by untrained artists, everyday items are often used for its creation. I’ve had this wooden flag idea for awhile, and finally got to try it out. 1. I glued two sticks together with white glue to make a “flagpole”. I did this about 20 minutes prior to class so they … Read More

Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture

This Louise Nevelson found sculpture was inspired by her creation of wood assemblages. Louise was a passionate artist who worked hard to get recognition in the mostly male art world, and wished to be seen as more than just a ‘woman artist’. She died in New York in 1988, but is now considered one of America’s … Read More

Another Popsicle Stick House

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I’m still loving these little popsicle sticks, and made a variation of my other house project I posted here. This one has a more vertical, paneled look instead of the horizontal, log cabin look. 1. These little popsicle sticks I found at JoAnn Fabric’s, and are about 2 1/2″ long. I started by lining up six … Read More

Popsicle Stick Cabins

These new little popsicle sticks (they’re 2 1/2″ long) that I found at Michael’s remind me of my parent’s log cabin in Tennessee. Here’s one way to make little houses that could serve well as colorful refrigerator magnets. Or add some snow and a string for a holiday decoration? Let your imagination see what it can … Read More

Another Popsicle Stick House

I’m still loving these little popsicle sticks, and made a variation of my other house project I posted. This one has a more vertical, paneled look instead of the horizontal, log cabin look. 1. These little popsicle sticks I found at JoAnn Fabric’s, and are about 2 1/2″ long. I started by lining up six sticks, … Read More

Popsicle Portraits

This was a very successful Mother’s Day project last year. Magnets could be added so the art could go right on the fridge. 1. Students glue their own jumbo popsicle stick boards together with craft glue. 2. They draw their portrait in a 4″ square on white drawing paper. 3. When the pencil drawing is done, … Read More