Pinterest Milestone: Over 50,000 Followers!

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There’s a reason why I fell in love with Pinterest as soon as I discovered it. It’s pure bliss for those who are always on the lookout to find and organize good ideas. I remember the old days of driving to my local library, checking out a dozens of art books, and taking them home only … Read More

Mindfully Alive Retreat

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To all the creative wannabes out there, I would like to invite you to the Mindfully Alive Retreat, a brand-new workshop series which my friend Julie Merrett is hosting, starting on March 6th. She and some other experts are working together to give you advice on becoming unblocked and living mindfully so you can create your … Read More

Starving Artist No More Summit

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Have you ever thought about using your talents to bring in extra income? Are you the person that all the family comes to when they have an artsy project? What if your life could have more creativity in it AND earn extra money for you and your family? Well, my friend and fellow artist Heidi Easley … Read More

Mini Me Custom Valentines

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I’m a sucker for custom Valentines. They just celebrate the day in a way no store bought card ever could. MATERIALS • Black and white head shot of each student, about 2″ tall • White card stock paper • Scissors • Glue stick • Black marker • Colored pencils DIRECTIONS 1. A black and white head … Read More

CHA Booth Art

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Trade shows come with some of the most striking art. Some of the big companies actually recreate beautiful little stores within convention centers. These were found outside of the Little Birdies booth. I’ve never seen such a pretty arrangement of paper flowers!

Mod Podge at the CHA Show

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I made a friend at the Mod Podge booth at the the CHA Show today. I couldn’t help but share how I use their products all the time with my Sharpie art, and they asked me to share my story on video. The company is turning 50 this year (can you believe it?) and they are … Read More

Craft & Hobby Association Show

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A few months ago I entered and online contest called “Creativations”. Sponsored by Michaels, it was looking for new and creative ideas, all kinds. I submitted my dry wax paper + Sharpie + glue on canvas, and was very happy to be one of the 25 finalists. This is my table for the weekend. I’m having … Read More

“How to Draw” Book Giveaway Winner!

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Thanks so much to everyone who entered my first-ever “How to Draw” Book Contest! It seems I’ve found the perfect giveaway. I was truly overwhelmed by the 600+ comments that popped up in just two days, many with really nice feedback from followers. It’s so nice to learn that my years of trying new drawings has … Read More

Still My Favorite Art Supplies

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I posted this list about three years ago, and they remain with the exception of BIC markers, which seem to have bit the dust. Too bad, their packs had a lot of good skin colors. Oh well, for those that are stocking up, these are still recommended for any art room, should your budget allow.   … Read More

Rumpled Quilt Skins get their own FB Page

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If anyone has ever wondered about my “Sewing Patterns” tab before, here’s a quick explanation. Before I was an art teacher, I was a pattern designer and created this line of stuffed animal patterns called “Rumpled Quilt Skins”. I still sell PDF versions of them, I just never stopped to make a Facebook page for them. … Read More


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And with the stroke of the clock, and the emptying of a room, a new schedule begins. This time I get to choose more of what my days will look like, in both cleaning up from the past, and preparing for the fall. I love this time of year as I get to do all those … Read More

Podcast with Deep Space Sparkle

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I’m so excited to share my first podcast interview with Patty Palmer of Deep Space Sparkle, a long time blogger / art teacher colleague of mine. I finally had a chance to meet her in person this January, when I participated in the California Kindergarten Association Convention in Santa Clara. She was happy to learn about … Read More

Chinese New Year Mural 2016

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Just in time for the Chinese New Year on Feb. 8th, the year of the monkey. You can purchase and download my PDF template for $5 and print as many murals as your heart desires. Please visit my PDF SHOP for more info.

George Washington Quarter

As a followup to the Penny Project, here is a template for making a George Washington Quarter. Just download the template below, trace onto a flattened coffee filter, and paint with gray watercolor paint. Try making a little darker gray paint and adding it to shadowy areas. Happy President’s Day! • View and download Quarter PDF … Read More

Penguin Art Show

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OK, get ready for a little penguin art show. My students (grade K to 4) once again astounded me with what they can create with Model Magic. They just need a starting point and then they are off and running…

Mission Paper Giveaway Contest

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For all the CA Mission Drawing teachers out there, here’s a chance to win some of the brown paper that I make myself for my students. It’s 12″ x 18″ Tru-Ray Pacon paper that is run through my Epson printer to add a light grid. It works wonders for aiding with architectural details, and the white … Read More

Draw an Abstract Self Portrait

Here is an adaptation of my popular Abstract Face project for older students. It still has simple features that fill the face, but allows for some personalization with hair and shoulders, etc. I think it might make a good early self portrait project for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders as it bypasses all the fussy eye … Read More

Top Three Art Supplies

I’m continuing my “Top Three” posts this week, and am moving on to art supplies. If I could only choose 3, these are the ones I love and feel confident would bring great results, for any age. Dick Blick Liquid Watercolors never fail in their color, the Twistable Crayola Crayons are a treat for kids, and … Read More

Salvador Dali Mural Preview

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Salvador Dali, famous for his role in surrealistic art, made several elephant paintings that to me, epitomize the definition of “real, yet unreal”. His original versions have a lot of open space, and are actually still under copyright, so I made a kid-friendly version. I think it still conveys the strange idea of having a very … Read More

Art Classes in Tennessee

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If you live near Hickory Valley, TN and love to make art, I’ll be sharing my favorite projects at Whitney Hill Estate, July 10 and July 11th. Come one or two days, a delicious home cooked lunch is included. Learn how to make the projects that have helped my website, Art Projects for Kids, collect over … Read More

Haiti Artists are on their way!

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My school started fundraising for an Art Teacher Exchange late last year, and our special guests are about to arrive. Here they are in the Miami airport, waiting for their flight to LAX tonight. The three artists are with a group called the Atis Rezistans, and work out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They also just happen to … Read More

Another Model Magic Pizza

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From last week’s Model Magic class, here is what a 4th grader created. Lily was pretty clever with her pepperoni as she just used a Sharpie marker to make the little black dots. Smart girl!

Watercolor Cactus

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I’m always looking for a new way to introduce students to the “white crayon trick”. This cactus worked really well, and I liked how older students could add shadows if they wanted to. 1. Draw the pot and cactus with a pencil on watercolor paper. 2. Trace all the lines with a black marker. 3. Add … Read More

View Murals by Page Count

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I’ve added a new feature to my PDF Shop – an option to view the murals by way of page count. All the murals are now tagged accordingly, so if you click on the “36 Page Mural” type, for instance, under the Add to Cart button, you will see all the murals that are made of … Read More

Using Google Search by Image

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The credits for my Line Art book paintings are complete, thanks to Sam H. He emailed,“If you ever come across art you can’t identify… I recommend saving the image and using the search by image feature. You can click on the camera icon, upload an image, and usually find the info you are looking for.” I … Read More

My New Rumpled Quilt Skins Website

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Before I was an art teacher, I was a pattern maker. I think I owe it to growing up on a farm and learning how to sew early on from my mother. I later combined that interest with computer graphics and taught myself how to develop my own sewing patterns. The style of my creations are … Read More

My New PDF Shop

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Welcome to my NEW PDF Shop, with improved graphics and product descriptions and a streamlined download process that will post the link to your order confirmation upon completion of purchase. Detailed download instructions are included with each product description. Enjoy!  

My new Favorite Brushes

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I think any artist who tried to paint with the average school brush would quickly become frustrated. How can you paint carefully when you have a floppy, fuzzy, probably bent, brush in your hands? Happily, these newly ordered brushes came just in time for my “Shapes to Cubes” project yesterday. Painting clean edges was important, and … Read More

NEW! Mini Christmas Mural Set Two

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This Mini Christmas Murals Set Two consists of three smaller versions of popular Christmas murals. They are: Pop Art Wreath, Victorian Town and Nutcracker. The new smaller mural sizes are: • Pop Art Wreath: 21″ x 21″, 6 pages • Victorian Town: 38″ x 20″, 10 pages • Nutcracker Mural: 15″ x 40″, 8 pages Go … Read More

Some of my Favorite Art Supplies

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A reader’s question about my favorite art supplies got me to thinking that I hadn’t updated my list lately. I also tried some new products last year, so here is why I like each one of the above.   1. Strathmore Drawing Pack. The paper is wonderfully light and crisp, takes texture rubbing really well, and … Read More

An Artist in Haiti

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Today I went to a Haitian school hosting a summer camp, only to turn around to see this young boy sketching on his own. He’s obviously talented, I only hope he gets a chance to pursue it someday.

Love Elephants Art Contest Winner

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I want to give a shout out to one of my students – Ethan – who won 1st place in the 2013 Love Elephants Art Contest this afternoon. It was organized for Los Angeles students K-6 by Adopt the Arts Foundation, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and the Los Angeles Unified School District. The opening … Read More

Cool New Product

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This is not a solicited endorsement, I just wanted to follow up on my new favorite way to finish off my Silent Auction Canvases. There’s a new glossy decoupage called Collage Pauge that works wonders. It’s glides on, dries within minutes, and adds a rich shine and protective coating for the canvas.  My $15 16 oz. … Read More

Butterflies from Central Asia

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“I am a mom who likes to do art projects with my son and his friends. I took your smaller butterfly mural and made a cut-out of it and then used it as a stencil on the wall that we were painting it on. I traced two butterflies on it, and then drew squares around it … Read More

Starry Night Skyline

Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting has inspired many an art project, and this is just one more. 1. Students to make several large yellow oil pastel circles of various sizes on a sheet of watercolor paper. Next they draw with a blue oil pastel lots of curvy lines that go around all the yellow circles. … Read More

Floral Painting at Michaels

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Guess what I made last night, at my local Michaels store in Encino? My very first floral painting! The company generously let me try one of their on-site classes, and so I found myself with a great teacher with years of painting experience on one very creative Saturday evening. Edith Merlescu was full of passionate advice … Read More

My Artists on Strathmore Pads!

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The paper pads have arrived! This new line of Youth Series paper from Strathmore now features art from 7 of my students – I’m so proud of them! Look for all these products in your local art stores like Michaels and Aaron Brothers, with project ideas included inside. Thanks so much to Sue List from Strathmore … Read More

Canvas Art from MiDesign at Michaels

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I love my Van Gogh canvas art I just got from MiDesign at Michaels. I expect most people use this new service for family photos, but I thought it might be great for kids artwork too. My finished art measures 16″ square and costs about $55 + tax and shipping right now if you use their … Read More

Art Projects for Kids + Strathmore

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Strathmore Paper Company makes some of the highest quality art papers used by artists around the world. I was honored to collaborate with them recently with the redesign of their new Youth Series line, and am happy to announce that NINE of my students had their art chosen to either be on the cover of one … Read More

My Top Ten Favorites from 2011

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It’s that time of year when Top Ten Lists are popping up everywhere, so I thought I’d make my own. Here are my ten most favorite new projects of 2011, chosen for the overall success rate they produced in my classroom. They are in no particular order. 1. “Where I Live” Art Journal Pages   2. … Read More

Paper Mache Pumpkins from Barcelona

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One of my favorite blog finds has been “Fem Manuals” from Barcelona, Spain. This teacher always seems to have amazing and unique projects. So, imagine my surprise when she contacted me about her latest post – one inspired by my paper mache pumpkin project! I just can’t get over how well her kids made these, and … Read More

Student Art from Georgia

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This student art was sent in by Laura Kim of Roswell, Georgia. She was writing to share what her students did with my Landscape Collage project, and I just adore the results, so whimsical and colorful. I would challenge any professional artist to match the personality shown in these. Below is Laura’s description of how her … Read More

Valentine Heart Painting

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Jim Dine is considered an important contemporary artist who helped to create the Pop Art movement. He used different popular imagery in his art, but hearts seemed to be his favorite. 1. I started with watercolor paper that had 6 hearts already printed on it (you can download a copy HERE) to make the project move faster. … Read More

An APFK Butterfly in Haiti

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I recently received this amazing email: Hi Kathy, As a fellow art teacher and a fan of your fabulous blog, I wanted to share with you some pics of where the butterfly mural that I’d downloaded from your blog has been. A group of five woman (myself included) raised funds to buy art supplies to bring to kids in Haiti as … Read More