Cutout Christmas Card

There’s nothing like a homemade holiday card. I tried this method to make a quick “quilted” card that didn’t actually call for any sewing. 1. Start with giving each student 3 colored cards that measure 4.5″ x 6.5″. Next, they each need 3 sheets of contrasting card stock that measure 4″ x … Read More

Watercolor, Salt and Snowflakes

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Here is a really simple way to add texture to a watercolor painting. Just sprinkle salt while it’s still wet and let sit for a few minutes. All kinds of cool shapes will develop from the salt absorbing the water. 1. Paint a sheet of watercolor paper generously with several shades of … Read More

Sticker Snowman Card

Office stickers make these snowmen a breeze to put together, so students can concentrate on creating a short story. And with just a few adjustments to the placement of the eyes, nose and buttons, all kinds of body positions are possible. PREP: Cut lots of 2.25″ x 4.25″ rectangles (with a paper … Read More

Creative Wrapping

I’m still playing with those Giant Chenille Pipe cleaners I bought from Michaels, and found they make a very cute quickie hat if you have anything round to wrap for the holidays. 1. This was even easier than it looks as almost everything twists together. I cut a rectangle of red tissue … Read More

Pencil Stars

One by-product of art classes is lots of half-used pencils. I have boxes of them that are a bit too awkward to hold, but seem too long to throw away. Have you heard of the three Rs? Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 1. Sharpen 10 pencils so they are all the same length. … Read More

Hand Colored Christmas Card

You can find some beautiful illuminated letters at I’ve used them to create this template for a hand colored Christmas card. 1. Print on 8.5×11 card or cover stock in the landscape orientation. 2. Use fine point markers or colored pencils to color in the letters.