Canvas Covered Journals

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This is basically a piece of painted canvas glued to a pad of 6″ x 9″ paper with chip board covers. I love how the students, especially this kinder Zac, just got experimental with making designs. Wish I could keep this one for myself! CLASS ONE: Students paint an over sized piece of canvas that is … Read More

Robert Indiana Art Journal Page

This Robert Indiana LOVE Letter project provides good dimensional drawing practice, and makes a nice Valentine card too. Robert Indiana made a famous sculpture in the sixties that came to symbolize the peace movement. Students can make a similar image while practicing their 3D shapes and shading. I started with my school’s diecutter and made about … Read More

Delaunay Art Journal Page

I love the work of Sonia Delaunay, not only for her colorful abstract circles, but also for her groundbreaking life story. This project is fun and easy for students if you can get transparent circle stencils. I found a really good one at Laurie Speltz, The Creative Coach. She offers a teacher discount so you can … Read More

2014 Journal: PDF Lesson 1 and 2

My students will begin their 2014 Journals by dedicating one page to each Element of Art. Why do they need to know these elements, you might ask? It will help them develop their vocabulary and thought process so instead of saying, “That painting is pretty” students might say (and think) “That painting is pretty because the … Read More

2014 Art Journal Project

I’d like to share a new ongoing project that I am starting Monday – an art journal that students will create, build and grow themselves throughout the rest of the school year. After months of pricing ready-made options, I’ve found that an old box cover that is packing-taped to heavier cardboard, given a 2-hole punch, makes … Read More

Fireworks Drawing

This is an exercise in radial drawing, but it makes a nice fireworks image when you fill up the page. It would look great on black paper too. 1. You can use either a journal page or similar 6″ x 9″ drawing paper. Ask the students to place about 5 dots random dots on the page … Read More

“Cool Shades” Drawing

I like to give students photos of items as a kind of drawing prompt. In this case I was looking for images of sunglasses, and came across these heart shades, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 1. I found a variety of images by just Googling “photos of sunglasses”. These heart glasses are particularly great as they … Read More

Glitter Leaf Journal Page

I like to try new products on the market, and had fun today with Crayola’s new “Mixing Mediums”. They’ve made “Texture It”, “Pearl It” and “Glitter It” paint which are designed to add some special effects to your artwork. Adding the glitter paint to my journal leaf page added a nice little sparkle, and inspired my … Read More

Face Collage Journal Page

This is a mix and match collage project, with a writing prompt that hopefully sparks some creative thinking. MATERIALS • Multimedia Paper • Old Magazines • Glue stick   DIRECTIONS PREP: I’ve found that students can get easily distracted if you give them entire magazines to search through, so I tore out two sets of pages … Read More

True Blue Colors

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My young journal students seem to work best with multi-step projects, so this stamp, trace, write and color page kept them busy for most of our 60-minute class. Plus, I love the irregular pattern that the watercolor makes. 1. Save your paper towel and toilet paper rolls, because they make great disposable stampers, using watercolor paint. … Read More

Tissue and Marker Flowers

This tissue and marker flower project is designed to let kids embrace the loose, accidental art that can happen when you let yourself just create. Fourth and fifth graders especially tend to get more judgmental about their abilities, so I hope this un-fussy journal page will let them have some fun.   MATERIALS • Art journal … Read More

Hundertwasser Flower Drawing

This is another drawing inspired by the Austrian abstract artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. His philosophy about nature is very reflective in his artwork, so I used his quote and love of wavy lines to jump start this journal page. 1. Draw wavy horizontal line, and then five random circles for the flower centers above it. All the … Read More

Rainbow Foil Fish

Aluminum foil and Sharpies are at work here, in addition to some extra texture rubbing. MATERIALS • Art journal book or paper • Plastic netting • Cardboard • Aluminum foil • Sharpie markers • Glue sticks • Watercolor paint 1. This idea comes from “The Usborne Book of Art Projects” book, one of my favorite. Start … Read More

Creative Dream Writing

This is another 2-page art journal spread, this time on the topic of dreaming. 1. Give the students a rectangle to trace, one approximately the size of the shown quilt. They are to tilt it, make it go off the paper, and trace. 2. The head is drawn, along with a pillow and headboard. The quilt … Read More

Hands and Goals

The goal I have for my journal is to fill up every single page, including the left hand sides. This post is an idea for making a 2-page drawing, one that goes across the center spine. 1. I placed my hand across my open journal and traced it with a pencil. Following the same angle of … Read More

Negative Numbers and Writing

Today had a very prominent number attached to it – my son turned 13. There was lots of talk and cards and cake all revolving around this special number, so I’m thinking that must happen with other occasions to. Maybe a really good test score, or jersey number or locker number could be the starting point … Read More

Selective Word Poem

I saw a poet somewhere who writes by just choosing words from a page in a book, and blacking out all the rest. I think kids could have a lot of fun with this if they were allowed to make really silly sentences that were still structurally correct. 1. The students will receive one column of … Read More

“Once Upon a Time” Art

I’m on a quest to find quick, inexpensive ways to layer art. I’ve always admired those adult journals that just seemed stuffed with creativity. This watercolor page was fun, but I think it would look even better with children’s handwriting on it. 1. I started with warm-colored watercolor paints and filled a journal page, overlapping the … Read More