Chrysanthemum Flower Craft

ChrysanthemumHere’s a recycled craft that was so popular, students came back today and asked to do it again. It took a little prep, but used a lot of old things that I was happy to see get used.

PREP: Wrap old, empty plastic crayon holders with a strip of duck tape to make a green stick. Mix up plaster, pour in yogurt container. Place green stick inside and let plaster set. Use another crayon holder to press hole halfway into a small white styrofoam ball. Cut lots of flowers with paper punch from card stock.

1. Students place ball on their green stick. They fold flowers into little cups and glue to ball with craft glue. Repeat until ball is filled.
2. Students fold a strip of green strip of duck tape, cut a leaf, and tape to stem.
3. The yogurt container is wrapped with duck tape, and the top edge is trimmed, if desired.

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