Coffee Filter Tree Collage

If you’ve every tried painting on a paper towel, and enjoyed the way the color just soaks in, then you will love this project. Turns out that coffee filters create the same effect, but as a bonus, are great for crayon rubbing too. Put that together with some liquid watercolor paint and you have all the makings of a beautiful fall collage.

Coffee Filters, jumbo size
Plastic embroidery canvas
Recollections card stock paper, blue
Recollections card stock paper, black
• Crayons
• Plastic plate (not pictured)
• Liquid watercolor paints. I tried the watercolor tray variety, but just couldn’t get the colors bright enough for my taste.


Assemble materials needed for this project.

 Filter Tree Step 1

1. Make lots of scribble, scrabble crayon rubbings on two coffee filters. A blotchy bunch of colors are all you need to make an interesting tree.

 Filter Tree Step 2

2. Place coffee filter on a plastic plate and paint. Have fun experimenting with overlapping shapes and adding dots for possible flowers. Paint at least two filters and let dry on your plate.

Filter Tree Step 3

3. If the filter is wrinkled after drying, run an old steam iron over it to crisp it up. Cut out tree shapes from filters, and tree trunks from black card stock paper. Don’t be afraid to have the sides of the trees go off the paper so that they can all fit. Glue all the papers down with glue stick.

 Fall Filter Collage

4. Cut out additional leaves from scrap paper and glue.









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  3. Kathy

    Oh, here’s a link to the type I bought. Less than $1 each.

  4. Kathy

    The filters need support when they are painted, and I’ve found the plastic canvas works great to keep (most) of the paint off the table. Students paint the filter on them, and then carry both to the drying rack. Works so much better than any cardboard option.

  5. meg

    What’s the plastic embroidery canvas for?

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  7. kathybarbro

    Sorry mc, that bright color comes from the bright vibrant paint. I bet the watercolor trays would do pretty well though.

  8. mc

    can you water down tempera paint, rather than watercolors. I only have the cheap tray variety and I would like the bright vibrant color….thanks

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