Draw a Cow Face

cow face drawingThis how to cow face drawing was inspired by a funny painting I found in a home decor catalog.
• Drawing paper, 11″ x 14″
• Black Sharpie marker
• Oil pastels

1. Fold the paper in half four times to get a grid of guidelines like those shown on my diagram. Students start by drawing half of the head as shown on my diagram, and then adding the opposite side with as much symmetry as possible.

2. Tilted eyes are added at the widest part of the head. The top of the nose is added to make a nose that looks like a square with rounded corners.

3. Ears are drawn extending out of the top of the head, and as they are really large, going off the paper.

4. The body of the cow is added with legs below and the back above. You can give the students the option of drawing the body to the right or the left.

5. When the drawing is complete, the students trace the art with a black Sharpie and then color in with oil pastels. Encourage overlapping the edges of different pastel colors so they get a fuzzy look instead of a hard line.