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Creative writing projectI decided to reapproach this creative writing/drawing project from a book titled “Things that are Most in the World” by Judi Barrett. I tried it’s enclosed follow up a few years ago, but have now created a more specific formula to follow.

Each page in this book is based on a different adjective, such as “The teensie-weensiest thing in the world is a newborn flea” or “The prickliest thing in the world is the inside of a pin cushion”. The end of the book just suggests that you have students come up with their own “most” creation, but lacks the guide on how to have them really exaggerate things. What I do now is first ask the students to choose their adjective (prettiest, softest, bumpiest, etc.) Then they need to think of two things with those qualities, and then put them together. For example, if they choose “prettiest” they need to list lots of “pretty” things, pick two and combine them somehow. So maybe they think princesses are pretty, and say beauty pageants are pretty, so their sentence could read “The prettiest thing in the world is a princess beauty pageant.” It’s a formula that’s been around awhile, but I think could be pretty effective in creating some very funny combinations. And from funny ideas, hopefully come funny drawings.

One more idea: collect all the pages from your class to make one big book book. There are lots of online options these days. Click HERE to download my blank template for this project.

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