Day of the Dead Pastel and Glue Drawing

Day of DeadDay of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) is a holiday celebrated in Mexico in which family and friends pray for and remember friends and family members who have passed away.It occurs every November 2nd in connection with All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day celebrations.
1. Starting with black construction paper, show the students how to draw in pencil a large skeleton head, which looks a lot like an upside down pear. Circles are added for the eyes, a triangle for the nose, and rectangle with lines for the mouth. A skinny neck and shoulders are added.
2. After the pencil drawing is complete, the students are to take white glue and trace all the lines. Let dry for at least 24 hours.
3. Oil pastels are used to color in all the shapes made with glue.

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  1. Darcy Anne

    I want to thank your for this lesson. I am a third-grade classroom teacher for a dual-language immersion program. The students (half of which are from Mexico) loved this project. It was a lot of fun with great results. I just started blogging and posted a few pictures of the results.


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