Dry Brush Winter Painting

Winter+landscapeThis lesson was designed to show students how pretty layered colors can be when using opaque paints, such as acrylic or tempera. Some very painterly effects can happen when you just lightly brush one color on top of another.

SESSION ONE: Students painted the bottom third of a heavy paper white to create a base. This example was done with acrylic, but tempera would work fine too. Students chose a cool winter color for the sky, using small amounts of paint that was spread as much as possible. One accent color was chosen for the sky, and one for the ground, lightly brushed so you could still see through it. This student chose an accent pink for the sky and green for the ground. Let painting dry.
SESSION TWO: Black paint is used to make a fence, using thin horizontal and vertical lines. A silhouette of a tree may be added when complete. Let painting dry.
SESSION THREE: White snow is added to the sky, on the fence and on the tree. A small but firm brush works best for this.

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