Faith Ringgold Flag Quilt

Ringold Flag CollageFaith Ringgold, an African-American artist, is best known for her large story quilts. In 1985 she made a piece titled “Flag Story Quilt” which inspired this collage.
1. To help cut swatches, I gave the students THIS TEMPLATE to follow, printed on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock. I passed out several old magazines to have them cut out swatches of red, and black and white type to fill in the stripes and blue swatches to fill in the rectangle. The pieces were attached with glue stick.
2. Students covered the blue rectangle with glue stick and arranged the hole punch circles for stars, as shown.

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  1. Anonymous

    just love your blog. always provides great inspiration and projects!! As an art volunteer your projects save me a lot of leg work on finding new projects for the kids to try!

  2. Michelle

    I’ve taught a Faith Ringgold lesson too, focused upon her soft sculpture. It was for a “Fabulous Female Artists” camp, and we did polymer clay faces, hands and feet; yarn hair; and coffee filter “dyed” dresses. They came out great, and the girls really enjoyed designing how their sculptures would look.
    Great blog, by the way…I’ve just found you.

  3. Renée Collins

    I was not familiar with this particular piece by Ringgold, and the lesson is wonderful! Nice job, and thanks for sharing.

  4. BranFlakes

    I LOVE this!

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