Funky Witch Feet

Witch FeetAnother idea that originated from stock Halloween illustrations. I think it offers some colorful seasonal fun, and some good symmetrical drawing practice too with those curvy, funky boots.

1. Students start drawing the boots in very simple steps. For instance, two centered lines for the backs of the boots, then the right and left heel, then right and left toe, and so on. I’ve found that students are better able to match shapes in this manner. After the shoes are drawn (in pencil), the legs are added above and a zig-zag hemline.
2. All lines are traced with crayons, including X’s on the boots.
3. The shapes are painted in with liquid watercolors.

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  1. Katrina W.

    Love this – we did it with our 1st grade class during our lesson on directional lines, and it was a big hit!

  2. Amber

    I hadn’t done any symmetry drawing yet with my 5 yr old so I figured this was a good project to start on! I drew half the skirt and one leg then gave her the page to finish while we drove somewhere in the car. I didn’t get to explain it very thoroughly and she ended up drawing the shoe the same way as the first. But she drew a pretty good leg and shoe. I’m going to do it again tomorrow with the homeschool co-op art class. I hope they have as much fun as I plan on having!

  3. Amy@Let's Explore

    My girls are making witch feet paintings this afternoon – thanks for the inspiration! :)

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