Glowing Pastel Pumpkin

Glowing Pastel PumpkinI found some amazing pumpkins HERE at, which I believe should be credited to Whitney Elementary School in Strongsville, OH. I simplified the project a bit for my 3rd graders, but kept the brilliant idea of adding a white “glow” around the pumpkin.

1. Draw a large pumpkin on a black sheet of construction paper. Make the lines curved to point to the stem and center bottom. Add a horizon line.
2. Use a thin black pastel to trace all the pencil lines.
3. Color the pumpkin and background with oil pastel. Stars and moons are fun to add.
4. Use a white pastel to make a little “glow” around the pumpkin.
Thanks to Nicolette, a talented 3rd grader, who agreed to let me share her beautiful artwork!

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