Glue & Foil Drawing Tutorial

I was so inspired by a project at “Make It A Wonderful Life” that tried it out today in an afterschool class. It really makes some very inexpensive supplies (chipboard, glue, aluminum foil and shoe polish) look pretty fabulous. 

1. Make a large simple drawing on chipboard with a pencil and trace with a thin marker. Trace all the lines with white glue and let dry for at least 24 hours.

2. Rub the entire drawing with a glue stick. Cover ALL of the cardboard. Any missed spots will not stick to the foil and cannot be “etched” later with the stylus.

3. Tear a sheet of aluminum foil and press to chipboard, shiny side up. Wrap edges around the sides and glue in place.

4. Rub around edges of the glue with a Q-tip. The better the rubbing, the more defined the drawing.

5. Use a wooden stylus to draw details on the bird, ground and sky.

6. Apply black shoe polish to drawing. (Don’t try to substitute black paint, I tried, it rubs off.)  Wipe away any extra polish with a paper towel.

7. It’s done. I’m going to try a cowboy boot next spring when a 4th grade class is learning about the wild west. Can’t wait!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have done this project using metallic tempera paint and rubbed a small amount of paste shoe polish on it with a paper towel. One can of paste polish easily does 30 to 40 kids.

  2. Donna

    I love this project but I did try to substitute the polish for paint and it did not work well at all. I vowed to buy the polish next time! It was awesome otherwise!

  3. Bec

    You can also use this to make a plate and use it for printmaking. Use a brayer to apply ink or paint and place paper on top, rub and rub with a clean brayer on the back and peel off.

  4. Kathy

    Hi, I think I got about five dispensers of polish, the ones with the round sponge on the end. It worked fine to make stations for kids when they were done.

  5. Donna

    Thanks for the idea! How many birds were you able to paint with one shoe polish? I have three classes of 24 and want to figure out how much to buy.


  6. Carleta

    The bird is adorable. This simple process even works very well with more complex figures.
    Thanks, I love it.

  7. Du fil et mon

    Thank you very much for this division(sharing) which is very well explained. I am going to try in my class! Thank you again!

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