Grocery Bag Paper Chain

Grocery-paper-chainPaper chain art seems to be most commonly associated with gum wrappers, as was popular in the 1960s. I’ve found that the process of folding and linking paper chains to be extremely successful and satisfying for students as young as 2nd graders. The sample shown here is made from a Trader Joe’s grocery bag, cut into 1″ x 9″ strips. To see the folding and linking technique, see my post HERE. The finished chain could be a bookmark, garland, or serve any multitude of uses. Let me know if you’d like to share yours.

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  1. Phyl

    I remember making these in junior high in the 60’s with gum wrappers. The goal was to make your chain as long as the height of the boy you liked, and then he would like you. Unfortunately it never worked.

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