Halloween Drawing

Halloween+drawingI love the layering technique behind this drawing, which I learned from a colored pencil tutorial. Please note that not just any colored pencil will do this, just ones like these from Dick Blick. The average school-quality brand are just not soft enough to blend together.
1. Last Halloween, I found some colorful clip art images for the students to use as inspiration. Trees with wiggly branches, crow silhouettes and and funny monsters can all be drawn in different configurations to make a very interesting picture. I asked the students to sketch out their own designs in pencil on black paper. Note: It pays to buy some serious black paper from an art store, the average black construction paper is too soft and fades like crazy.
2. After the design is done in pencil, they are to pick the large shapes in the foreground, and color them all in with white pencil crayon. Press hard to make the white very bright.
3. When complete, the foreground shapes get their final color on top of the white. Firm coloring is needed again to cover all the white.
4. The background is colored in with just one layer of pencil crayon, which makes it a little dull and thus visually recede. Encourage the students to keep some shapes black, which adds a lot of contrast and interest to the picture.

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  2. Kathy Barbro

    Hi Kerry,
    Sorry, I can’t seem to find the image now. I use gettyone and istock all the time but don’t see it there now. I think I googled “Halloween illustration” if that helps, the original was much more than clip art.

  3. kerrylane

    where did you find the inspiration halloween clipart? I love the style of this cat. I’ve been googling folk art and vintage halloween images but havent found anything I like!

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