Pasta Skeleton

pasta+skeletonA fun way to mix basic anatomy with art is by creating skeletons from pasta.

1. To make a sturdy pallet, the students arranged 20 popsicle sticks horizontally and secured them with 4 sticks glued vertically to the back.
2. A variety of pasta shapes were needed. I started by briefing the students with a simple sketch illustrating the proportions and the placement of shoulders, hips and joints.
3. Using white glue, they started by placing the head, spine, ribs and hips. They then added the shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet and let dry until the glue turned clear.

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  1. klinik gigi shah alam

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    Simply great and easy to make.

  3. This is really an Artistic touch. Hats off for this work.


    What a great idea! I hope you don’t mind I’ve shared it with my readers over at Brain Popcorn, a museum-ed blog with an interdisciplinary focus.

    Cool and Creepy Archaeology in October

  5. Megan

    I can imagine kids have such fun doing this! I loved the idea and would love to try it in my art room. Thank you!

  6. Joanna Davis

    great fun! more fun art projects over on my blog :)

  7. Irene

    Simply great, so simple and such a good idea.

    Thanks a lot.

  8. SoJo and MaNini

    You are an exceptional person! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful ideas. Art adds so much to life and I love the examples and simple format/explanations you use. you are brilliant… thank you for making the world a better place, one piece of art work at a time!!

  9. bibliobethica

    When we made these, I just set the boys loose. Next time, I’d try to put a straight pasta piece at the top of the legs. The skeletons ended up looking like pasta men. I think if the legs were dangling it would have looked a little better. That being said, the kids loved their skeletons and were proud to hang them!

  10. gina marie

    Thank you for sharing your ideas! Your blog saved me. I am filling in for our second grad art teacher Friday and feel completely inept! My only instructions were to do a Halloween project. I love this one!

  11. ann

    I love this idea. I ussed to make a skeleton out of Q tips with kindergarten, but I like the pasta much better.

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