Nathan’s Dog

Nathan copyI’ve lately found that if I give my young kinder and 1st grade students a template to trace for just the first step of a project, they tend to have very rewarding results. For this dog drawing, children had the head template (download HERE) to trace, and followed my directions for the rest.
1. I first drew center lines in pencil on an 11″ x 15″ sheet of watercolor paper. Students lined up the bottom of the cutout template head on the center line and traced in pencil.
2. A chin was added below the head.
3. The rest of the nose was added above the chin.
4. Eyes, nose, mouth and ears were added.
5. A left and right front leg were drawn below the head.
6. A back leg and tail was added. All pencil lines were traced with a black Sharpie, and the dog was painted with liquid Dick Blick watercolor paints.
Thanks to Nathan, a talented kinder at my school who let me share his beautiful dog painting.

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  1. Angela

    I also used this to make a “Blue Dog” with my second grade; they really seemed to enjoy it! Another great lesson as always! Thanks!

  2. artteacher

    You could alter this slightly to look like the Blue Dog. :)

  3. Beautiful dog! I’m from Russia! I really like your blog!

  4. Hi,
    I’m from Portugal, I recently discovered your Blog and became a fan!!! I’m doing many of your projects with my 7 years old daughter. Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent ideas!

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