How to Draw a Dragonfly


Draw a Dragonfly diagramHere’s a How To lesson from few years ago that turned out this super cute dragonfly. I thought I’d share it again.

1. Follow the steps on my handout to make the drawing shown.
2. Trace the lines with a black marker.
3. Color the picture as desired with crayons or colored pencils.

• View and download Dragonfly Tutorial

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  1. Mandy Lou ♥

    oh, awesome! The kids make art from my aunts office. Her patients love to see what new art will be in the next time the come. Some people even ask to buy prints. (?!) She has requested something more sring-like. This isnt spring but I think the kids will be inspired by the dragonfly.

    thank you for all that you do.
    ~Aimee in Or.

  2. Blue-Bird

    Thanks Yuna! It is lovely!
    Thanks to the teacher too btw ;-)

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