How to Draw a Pug Tutorial

Pugs have some very adorable features, but even more so when you exaggerate the head and eyes and mouth. Follow these steps and you are pretty much guaranteed a cute doggie drawing.

1. Fold a paper in half twice to make creases and open.

2. Use a CD to trace a circle in the center of the paper.

3. Draw an upside down U.

4. Add the mouth features.

5. Add two circles that touch the mouth.

6. Add the inside eye circles as shown.

7. Fill in the inside eye circle black.

8. Add the ears.

9. Draw the body as shown.

10. Draw the two front legs and the back leg.

11. Add the toenails and tail. Erase the lines inside the two legs as shown.

Trace all the lines and color. This drawing is colored with one brown crayon, using pressure to made the light, medium and dark shades. Don’t forget to leave the little eye spot white as a highlight or reflection.

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