Draw a Valentine Teddy Tutorial

All you need is an old CD, pencil, marker and crayons to make this teddy bear drawing for someone special this Valentine’s Day.
1. Fold a paper in half twice to make creases. Open and press flat. Use a CD to trace a circle near the top of the paper.
2. Draw mouth and eye circles as shown.
3. Add highlight shapes in eyes and nose. Add mouth lines.

4. Fill in the eyes and nose. Draw two ears.

5. Draw two curved arms.

6. Add two ovals for feet as shown.
7. Add oval centers inside feet and erase a bit of the outside ones as shown.
8. Draw inside leg and body side lines.
9. Draw top of heart.
10. Draw bottom of heart and add your own special message inside.

Trace all the lines and color. This bear was colored with a pink crayon, pressing harder to make the darker shades.

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