Kandinsky Circles in Felt

Kandinsky in FeltSpring is our biggest school fundraising season and our Silent Auction is our best event. I am always on the lookout for classroom projects that are colorful, quick and simple and Kandinsky circle projects always seem to do well. I’m working on this one with my 4th and 5th graders. 
1. Students use a 6″ cardboard square to trace and cut their background felt.
2. Using a variety of colored felt, they build their Kandinskylike circles from the top down, starting with the smallest piece. Each layer is mounted to a larger piece with craft glue. The 4 or 5 layers are then mounted to a  6″ background square.
3. Glue the finished squares to a piece of black felt large enough to create an even border around the outer edge. Clean cutting and gluing is essential.