Kandinsky Colorweaver

colorweaverWassily Kandinsky made a beautiful painting called “Color Studies” back in the early 1900’s that is fun to imitate with oil pastels instead of watercolor.

1. Distribute 9″ x 12″ pieces of art paper to students. Give them rulers to measure and draw pencil lines across the middle of the paper in both directions.
2. Ask the students to start in the center and with an oil pastel, draw an angle and fill in the triangle that is created. Continue around the center with drawing triangles, only changing colors each time.
3. Once a diamond is created, add bands of color around the diamond, always changing color on the pencil lines. Continue until the paper is filled with color.
This picture was made by a kindergartener in an afterschool class.

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  1. Thank you, I have desperately been trying to think of a simple activity that is both relevant and simple for a group of children who have finished their sculpture activity and are waiting for the rest of the class to finish! This will do nicely!

  2. nettieshue

    Our homeschooling art group met last Friday and we did this lesson together. Not sure if we did it that right but the kids loved it. We didn’t use oil pastels as we have used them the past couple of weeks so we used water colour pencils and the kids found it to be an interesting medium to use. I did a bit of a speel on Kandinsky before we began the lesson. You can see our work here http://nettieshue.wordpress.com/art-projects/wassily-kandinsky-art-lesson/

  3. Kelly

    Thanks for this lesson plan- I am just finishing up our study on Kandinsky and was looking for one more project to wrap it up! This is a fun one! You’re the best. Check us out at


  4. 2 Soul Sisters

    cool colors…wowza!…thanks for the idea!

  5. Cle

    I just found your website after searching for art lesson ideas for my year 3s and 4s. Fantastic! I will be coming back!!!

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