Oil Pastel Stars

Pastel-stars-817x1024It’s only taken me about six years to learn that kinder projects at the beginning of the school year need to be SUPER simple. Many are just learning how to control their pencil, let draw specific shapes.

1. I read a book called “Stars” by Mary Lyn Ray that has a nice message. Students wrote their name on the back of watercolor paper and practiced drawing stars. My version was just an X with a horizontal and vertical line added. The student above was a few steps ahead of the class and knew how to draw five pointed stars.

2. When students felt confident at drawing stars, they turned their paper over and drew many with some oil pastels. The Artist Loft brand shown above worked well as they are nice and soft, and make a much darker line than crayons.

3. The entire paper was painted with a watercolor wash. I used the Turquoise Blue liquid watercolor paint from Dick Blick.