Landscape Collage

landscape collageYou can put your old paperbacks to good use by turning them into art collage paper.
1. Give each students several printed sheets from an old, preferably yellowed book. They are to paint each with watercolor paint, filling each page with large swatches of color. I made a red, yellow and green sheet for my sample.
2. After the pages are dry, the students are to cut out simple landcape shapes, such as a sun, grass, trees, and buildings. The shapes then get glued down to a background paper.
3. After the glue is dry, give each student a ball-point pen to trace around the edges of the shapes, and add details. Double-tracing the lines adds a kind of casualness to the art.


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  1. Kimara

    I am always inspired by your projects, but never more so than those with mixed media. I’ll be posting on Facebook. Thanks.

  2. Mrs. Kim

    I did this project and the results were amazing! We painted the pages as a class one day and used it collectively. I made sure everyone painted one page green, one page yellow and then another page any ONE color of choice (except for black!)If they finished all that, I allowed them to continue painting the color of choice pages until time was up. By then, we had a ton of great painted paper to share and I liked the fact that it was collaborative!

  3. I loved this idea, I just began teaching gradeschool art myself. I will for sure use this.thank you!!

  4. Oh I love this! What a wonderful project, I’ll be linking.

  5. Kathy Barbro

    Hi! Thanks for the nice comments. Just so you know, I do have the kids paint their sheets in one class and then continue in another. And naming the sheets so they get back what they have painted has always worked for me. Even though you would think they would all look the same, they hardly ever do!

  6. Valerie

    Love this… simple and easy to do! My daughter would love to do something like this… thanks!


  7. TeachKidsArt

    Wow – I LOVE this idea!!! I can’t wait to try it! I’m assuming you have them paint the pages one day and make their collages the next, right? If so, do you put names on them so each child gets his own pages back, or are they just passed back randomly? Just curious how you handle the organization of that!

  8. kiko


    Thank you so much for sharing all these ideas with us. I stumbled across your site thru another blog I read (I think) and now I bookmark it to read it often. Your ideas are fantastic! I teach art to a group of adults with developmental disabilities and I’ve appreciated your ideas immensely! I’ve also tried some of your ideas with my 3 children at home on rainly/snowy days! Thank you!

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