Layered Pastel Leaves

Oil pastel leavesYou can show students how to overlap leaves and blend colors with oil pastels, and have very lovely picture as the result.
• Multimedia paper
• Chipboard
• Permanent marker
• Oil pastels
1. I tend to think of the maple leaf as the classic fall shape, and made templates out of chip board with the stem left off. Each student uses one leaf and traces at least two leaves that overlap. Ask the students to choose which leaf is on top, and explain that all the lines inside that leaf must be erased. They can add some leaves going off the page, and some veins as well.
2. All of the pencil lines are to be traced with a thin black marker.
3. Students choose at least two oil pastel colors in each leaf, overlapping as they go along. Oil pastels are the best for blending colors together, so the goal is to not have any “hard” edges between the colors.
4. Lastly, the background needs to be colored in with a contrasting color.





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  1. Roger Whiting

    Cute project. Any project that can still look cool while allowing for tracing is great to open up a class with timid kids

  2. Anonymous

    I just stumbled on your blog today and have enjoyed paging back through some older posts. What a great site and you have so many wonderful ideas. I have 10yo daughter who loves to sculpt, paint, sketch, etc. I can’t wait to show her your ideas. She is alwasy asking me, “What should I paint/sculpt/draw now, Mom?” I think she will want to make the clay turkery first! Thank you for posting your ideas.

  3. Heather

    Thanks so much for your blog Kathy!

    We tried the contour fall leaf project today. I’ve had on my to do list for weeks.

    Check out our final products.

    Next week I’ll be trying the layered leaves with my kids.

    Keep the projects coming. We’ve enjoyed them!


  4. Laurel

    Love this!

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