Lollipop Warmup Drawing

LollipopI needed a new warm up exercise for my after school drawing class, and a chance crossing with a candy store brought me a quick solution – lollipops. I handed out the pops and the kids lightly traced the circle and then drew their own stick. The drawings were then traced over with a black marker and filled in with colored pencils. Older students were shown how to add shadow to the stick by just shading half of it gray. And of course, they got to eat the lollipops when they were done. Sweet!

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  1. Jani

    Very Wayne Thiebaud.

  2. Bloggy Mama

    I’m going to send you some love on my post, tomorrow. I really hope that’s okay?
    The link will come from
    Thank you for your inspiration!!

  3. Fine Lines

    Yum (love the shading on the stick!) Sort of goes with my recent concentration on food!!! Thanks

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