Masking Tape Letter

Masking tape letterI tried this masking tape and marker project with kinders and they really enjoyed it. The students were given full permission to scribble, and actually had time to do both their initials in their hour of class time.

Note: I recommend testing your tape on your paper first to see if it comes off without tearing. I used blue painter’s masking tape on some donated coated paper. I’d say some paper came off with the tape maybe 10% of the time, but other combinations may fare better.
1. I began by writing block letters on the board. Two other adults and I tore lots of pieces of tape and stuck them around on the desks so each student could concentrate on making their letters with straight lines (not too easy with curvy “S” and others).
2. I handed out my well-worn collection of Sharpie markers and let each student go to town. They were encouraged to just scribble over the entire paper with lots of colors. When a teacher said they had colored enough, they peeled off the tape. Voila! A perfect white letter!

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  1. Anonymous

    Regular masking tape can be made less tacky by pressing it on your pants leg. I did this project today as a way to use up about 30 minutes of leftover time in my art camp (5-6 year olds.) They all loved it!

  2. onemotherslove

    I saw another site that did this with contact paper. That might take a little more effort, but if you have a curvy letter like S it might be easier.

  3. Anonymous

    To get the tape to release, try warming it with a hair dryer.

  4. Angel Reuther

    We’ve done this in Sunday School with a cross shape on watercolor paper with pre-schoolers. They covered the paper with watercolors and they turned out great!

  5. Parker

    What a fun project! My 4 year old will love it!

  6. Jannell

    We have done this with regular masking tape or clear tape and fabric colors on inexpensive pillow cases or t-shirts. Iron on the colors to set (according to package directions) and wash. They do fade some over time with washing.

    Also I have done t-shirts for a Bible school tropical theme. I used paper and tape to mask a band across the front of the t-shirts, then let the kids peel off fish shapes (cut from contact paper or similar.) The shapes were rubbed onto the shirt within the band, then various blue and green acrylics with fabric medium were painted on with sponge brush by the kids. If course, be sure to put something between the shirt layers so the paint does not go through to the back. I would send a picture, but not sure if I still have them. They were really cute.


  7. Stacey

    I am such a huge fan of yours sight. I keep directing people to your site from my blog! I just wanted you to know, that I love your easy to follow, low cost ideas! I did the fall inspired water color paintings this week with my girls. They turned out great! I even taped off the edges with painters tape to make a border and they look sharp! Thanks!


  8. Kathy Barbro

    Thank you! I was going to try something like that, but wasn’t sure exactly how. I can’t wait to try it with the masses next week.

  9. Anonymous

    What a great, easy idea! I’ll be trying this with my little ones.

    I use blue painters tape all the time. You can make it less tacky by putting it on your clothes a couple times before putting it on the paper.

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