Masking Tape Rings

Masking Tape ringsThis can be a great exercise for drawing overlapping shapes. Use new rolls of masking tape for tracing – they are easy to hold and grip the paper.

1. Starting with a large sheet of drawing paper (I recommend 12″ x 18″) have each student draw many rings by tracing both sides of a masking tape roll. Some rings should overlap, and some should also go off the paper. This is repeated until the paper is full.
2. Looking at each pair of rings, the student has to choose which ring is in front, and then erase all the “see through” lines within that ring. This is continued until all the “see through” lines are gone.
3. A black marker is used to trace all the pencil lines.
4. The rings are colored in with crayons. I challenged students that found the project easy to add shadows to the rings to make them round and not flat.

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