Mixed Media Hearts

Mixed-Media-Hearts-diagram-1024x599Jim Dine is considered an important contemporary artist who helped to create the Pop Art movement. He used different popular imagery in his art, but hearts seemed to be his favorite.
1. I started with watercolor paper that had 6 hearts already printed on it (you can download a copy HERE) to make the project move faster. The students are to color each one in with crayons, pressing hard to make them colored brightly.
2. A background watercolor paint is chosen and covered over all the hearts. Let the paint dry. Rubber cement is painted over the entire picture using one large quick stroke. The goal is to just make some lines, and leave some empty spaces. Let the cement dry.
3. A contrasting watercolor paint is chosen and painted over the entire picture. The cement will keep the background color intact. Let the paint dry.
4. To add definition more oil pastels may be used again on top. Tell the students that the goal is to have colorful, bold hearts that stand out from the background. When they think that is achieved, their art is done!

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