Monet Water Lilies

Monet water liliesClaude Monet (1840-1926) painted directly from nature and revealed that even on the gloomiest of days, an infinite number of colors can and do exist. To capture these fleeting hues, Monet created a new painting technique using short brushstrokes filled with individual color. The result was a canvas alive with painterly activity, the opposite of the smooth blended surfaces of the past. 
1. I limited the oil pastel palette for young students so they could choose from yellow, peach, pink, light green and white, the colors that Monet worked with. As a follow-along drawing, I asked them to first color one large yellow lily (which is much the shape of a tulip) and then one medium and several small on a large piece of watercolor paper.  Peach pastel was added on top of each, as a kind of shadow, and then pink for a center. Light green ovals were drawn around the bottom of each lily. Lastly, lots of squiggly lines were added with the white pastel to look like waves.
2. Students used liquid blue watercolor, and painted over everything except the flowers, which kept their pretty yellow color. While the paint was still wet, they had a chance to add a bit of green watercolor in any areas they liked.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m in grade 6 and we were assined a famous artist to do a presentation on, but we we also had to find an art project to go with the artist, Me and my friend got Claude Oscar Monet, so we found this VERY useful!!
    :D ;D :D

  2. claudemonetworks

    Very creative idea! It is wonderful that kids will be exposed to Claude Monet Art in such interactive way.

  3. Meredith

    Thought you might like to see what we did in our homeschool. Thanks for ALL your inspiring ideas and beautiful site :) Many blessings,

  4. Anonymous

    I am very excited that I found your blog today – it has so many amazing ideas. I look forward to trying some of them! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for these wonderful ideas. It is always great going through this website. I am going to learn how to put in my ideas too. This is a wonderful idea I am going to try doing th elilies with crayons and then wash over with water color.

  6. Hope Chella

    this is a great short project for the end of the school year! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Jacquelien

    This is a great idea with a beautiful result.

  8. Henk Kip

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  9. agreed. this blog rocks! thank you so much for sharing your ideas. i would have loved you as an art teacher! :)

  10. Char

    Amazing and so much simpler than my Monet version that I completed with my 1st graders. thanks!

  11. Laurel

    You have an amazing blog, not only do I follow but I have spread the word through so many schools here!

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