Mosaic Art Class Wrap Up

Mosaic-Class-Glitter-Frame-1024x565My afterschool Mosaic Class enjoyed the wrap up of their projects this week. I think Martha would even approve of this package.


1. Week One: Students added bits of colored tape to a wooden frame from Michaels. To add glitz, they covered it with Martha Stewart glitter paint, which made it sparkly and shiny in one easy step. A drawing was made for the frame as the paint dried.

2. Week Two: Students made a small mosaic using dried beans from the local supermarket, glued onto a thick 3″ x 3″ piece of chipboard.

3. Week Three: Precut kraft paper and scotch tape helped the students wrap their frames. String was tied tightly around the sides. Some recently donated metal sample cards were perfect for hand written messages, and added before a bow was tied. The bean art was centered underneath the string. Sometimes things just work out better than you expected. Not always, but sometimes.

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