Mosaic Picture Frame

mosaic picture frameThis mosaic picture frame is actually just an old CD that is cut up and glued to a wooden frame. Finish with the right metallic paint and you’ll be certain to have that iridescent look that mosaic glass is famous for.


• Old CDs
• Heavy duty scissors
• Wooden picture frame
• Craft tacky glue
• Acrylic paint, “Dazzling Metallics Elegant Finish Paint”
• Paint brush
• Digital print to fit inside frame, b/w print on copy paper is fine
• Pencil crayons


1. Use a heavy duty scissors to cut a couple of old CDs into 1/2″ strips, and then into 1/2″ squares. Care needs to be taken to keep the shiny film from peeling off one side of the CD. It needs to stay on to keep the iridescent look to the tiles.

2. Glue a double row of the CD squares to a wooden frame using tacky glue. It is important that you glue them with the shiny film side down, so the clear side is left on the top. This sample is one of the $1 frames currently sold at Michaels. Let the tiles dry.

3. Paint the entire frame with Moss Pearl “Dazzling Metallics Elegant Finish Paint”, also sold at Michaels. This paint is the best, I wouldn’t try to substitute as most paints don’t have this bright metallic quality.

4. Print a digital portrait in black and white on paper. Color the picture with pencil crayons as desired. Trim your photo to fit the frame, place, and enjoy your colorful holiday portrait!



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