Mother’s Day Giraffe Painting

Mom-Day-giraffe-780x1024I wish I could draw like this little girl does. Nola is only in kindergarten, and everything she does just oozes child-like charm. Filling the space between the two heads with pink hearts was her idea, which I think is just brilliant.

1. Start by drawing a line down the middle of the paper, which will turn into the mother’s right side. Add the head, neck and angled back, and simple curves for legs. Add the face details, mane and tail. Draw the baby giraffe to the right, in a smaller symmetrical size.

2. Trace the art with a black Sharpie marker.
3. Use a brown crayon to color spots, and fill in the mane and horns.
4. My students painted their art with liquid watercolor paints. Yellow and Blue and Green, to be precise.

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